Meet The Winners And See Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Art Hack Weekend Beijing 2012

<p>What happens when philosophical artists meet practical technologists?</p>

In China, it’s rare that the art and tech scenes mix, so we decided to mix things up a bit by hosting Art Hack Weekend Beijing—similar to our previous ones in New York and San Francisco, but this time on the other side of the world.

In collaboration with BEIJING MAXPACE and with special support from Open Youthology, we invited 40 artists, engineers, and programmers—including Creators Xu Wenkai (aaajiao), Vega Wang, and Ray Lei to to participate in a 48-hour art hacking marathon.

In our behind-the-scenes video above, we meet hackathon winners Team T-shirt, who attempt to make musical clothing recognizable by webcam, and Team Zipper who do some crazy things with a Kinect—and you guessed it—zippers. Both teams will exhibit their works at The Creators Project: Beijing 2012 come September, so stay tuned.

Until then, here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the hackathon courtesy of our Beijing office…

Winning team Team T-shirt working on the sound wave.

Team T-shirt testing their prototype on Ritchie Chan of Triple-Major.

Programming of S(h)ocking!

Team S(h)ocking! was the largest team at the event.

Visual design of Project Could.

Winning team Team Zippers sewing their zippers and ELs to the board.

Glasses with water arranged by musical scales for Project Beginners.

The spoons with sensors in Project Beginners.