Media Artist Marc Horowitz Is Taking The Advice Of Strangers

<p>Marc Horowitz is crowdsourcing his life and he needs your help.</p>

Crowdsourcing and transparency are certainly the topics du jour on the internet these days, with brands and corporations adopting these two social media-based ideologies with mixed results. Social networks enable individuals to crowdsource some of their decisions, too—whether it’s where to eat dinner or recommendations for the best new iPhone app—but what happens when that idea is pushed to the extreme, allowing a person to outsource all of his decision-making to the collective wisdom of the “hive mind”? That’s a question currently being explored by media artist Marc Horowitz, who will be “surrendering his life choices” to the voting online public for the month of November in a new project called The Advice of Strangers (commissioned by Creative Time).

From the project website:
Each day, Horowitz will post the dilemmas he's facing—from the seemingly mundane to the profound—for the public to vote on. The project website tracks the results and follows the action and repercussions through edited video coverage.The Advice of Strangers constitutes a collaboration between artist and audience, comprised of anyone who visits the website and casts a vote, thus influencing the course of the project and Marc's life at the same time.

The project kicked off today with a video from Marc asking voters to recommend the topic of his upcoming therapy session—the winning entry, “People that I've wronged in the past,” garnered 39% of the vote. The ensuing therapy session will then be recorded and broadcast online on the project website so voters can see the results of the decisions they help Marc make.

Visit theadviceofstrangers.com to determine the course of the project and Marc’s life for the next month. Here’s hoping the voting public is a kind one—we’d hate to see what sort of havoc a group of malicious trolls might wreak on Marc’s life if given the opportunity.