Matthew Herbert Is On Tour

<p>See the subversive music-maker in the flesh.</p>

Mr. Herbert is a genre-trouncing electronic experimentalist, who makes music from unlikely sources such as bodily functions, household kitchen objects, paperback books, people vomiting outside an arms fair, and anything else that challenges and confronts people’s expectations. It’s what drew us to him. We’re happy now to point you in the direction of a few of the Creator’s live dates—either a DJ set, or his Big Band, or touring One Club. Whatever form he takes, you’ll not want to miss his odd concoction of musical avant-garde eclecticism. For the globetrotters among you, here is where he’ll be:

June 3: DJ set @ Metro Club, Kyoto, Japan
June 5: DJ Set @ Taicoclub Festival, Japan
June 17: DJ Set @ Charada Club de Balle, Madrid, Spain
June 18: Matthew Herbert's One Club @ Sonar Festival, A Coruna, Spain
June 19: Matthew Herbert's One Club @ Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain
June 25: The Matthew Herbert Big Band @ Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, UK
July 9: Matthew Herbert's One Club @ Les Ardentes Festival, Liege, Belgium
August 6: Matthew Herbert's One Club @ The Big Chill, Herefordshire, UK