Massive, Underground Trampolines Will Bounce You To The Ceiling Of European Caves

This tourist attraction in Wales is the type of adventure we craved back when were playing "Popcorn" on our neighbor's rusted trampoline.

The mention of trampolines may bring back fond childhood memories suburban backyards or local YMCAs, but Bounce Below—a set of three enormous trampolines within the Llechwedd caverns in Wales—brings trampolines to whole new terrain...literally. 

Located near Blaenau Ffestiniog, a small mining town in Northern Wales, the tourist attraction is set to open on July 3rd, including a triad of giant trampolines with 10-foot-tall net walls and a 60-foot slide that links them. "From the bottom platform you go on a net walkway with a spiral staircase coming out on the other side of the railway line," explained the creator Sean Taylor in an interview.

"It's a one-hour activity where customers get dressed up in a cotton overall and are given a helmet," said Taylor. "They then jump on a train and travel inside the mountain. They then disembark into a cavern twice the size of St. Paul's Cathedral." 

To accompany the attraction, the cave will be lit up by an incredible display of lights that morph the walls into surreal hues of purple, turquoise, green, and pink. The lights and trip inside the mountain may be as much of an adrenaline rush as the jumping itself. This is your chance to live out some Lord of the Rings, Orc-related fantasies. 

While the safety of this installation may be questionable (aren't stalagmites a threat?), bouncing inside a subterranean cavern as you get hit by ambient rays sounds like the type of fantasy that would have blown our minds back when were playing "Popcorn" on our neighbor's rusted trampoline. 

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