Photographer Captures Stark Stacks of Berlin Housing Projects

Malte Brandenburg’s photo series 'Stacked' pits grim housing blocks against clear blue skies.

There’s nothing quite as grim and evocative as the towering public housing blocks that puncture the skies of otherwise modestly residential city sectors. Malte Brandenburg’s photography series, Stacked, explores the stark apartment complexes that crisscross the Berlin skyline.

"For this project I wanted to isolate these buildings to put the right focus on the subject, to make them comparable," Brandenburg tells The Creators Project. "These buildings can differ quite a bit from each other, even though they are built after the same concept. So I didn't want to have any distractions in the frame."

"And I did a lot of research to find the right building with the right view, which is very tricky in a dense city like Berlin."

Each photo contains only the tops of the buildings, giving us no hint of the streets that surround them or even their relative heights. Brandenberg says he frames the photos in this way because he likes the simple presentation of towers against sky. "Another reason was that the top usually looks pretty ok, on street level you often have graffiti, trees and other buildings, which would have been quite distracting," he writes.

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