Make Your Own Shout Out Louds Ice Record (For The Ten People That Got One)

<p>The band released a kit to make an ice record for their newest single &#8220;Blue Ice.&#8221;</p>

Hey! Do you love the Shout Out Louds? Me either! But just because you and I prefer the soothing sounds of Korky Buchek doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the clever way in which this Swedish indie rock outfit released their recent record. To spread the single “Blue Ice” off of their forthcoming 2013 album Optica, the band send a handful of press people a kit with which to create a record out of ice and play it on an actual record player.

They didn’t send us one, which is just as well because I’ll be damned if my $200 Ortofons are going to go ice skating, but for those who did receive them, the band released a short instructional video taking you through several steps and a number of hours to hear the song at about 30% its original quality. Ah, how I miss the physical format!

Because no one ever watches YouTube videos, we thought it’d be a good idea to break down the making of the “Blue Ice” single for you using pictures and words, just like the Egyptians did with instructions for mummification.

Let’s do this!

Out of the box, the kit consists of a record mold and a bottle of water. Pour the water into the mold.

Now put the whole thing in your freezer. Don’t just throw it into a cooler or icebox as shown in the video, simply because unfrozen things don’t freeze in an icebox. Kills six hours with whatever it is you do normally, then come back and pull this sucker out of the box.

Now turn it upside down and knock out the ice record.

The mold is still frozen to the ice, so use a lil razor blade and create a lil pocket and then use your lil fingernail to separate it all the way around and pop the mold off. Lil.

It’s ready! Drop it on your turntable, put the needle on, and listen intently. It sounds like crap! Go figure, it’s made of ice! You did it though, congratulations.

[via: Make]