Make And Deliver Virtual Sushi Music With Makisan

<p>Great, now we&#8217;re hungry.</p>

Browser-based interactive videos have given us lots of adventures to choose from whether we’re slacking off in chem lab with Chairlift or jumping from perspective to perspective at Death Grips’ pool party. Simplifying this type of adventure to a new plateau of minimalism is Makisan, a sushi-themed experience that allows you to assemble a sequence of sushi ingredient backgrounds, select a musical sequence from a few pre-made parts, and address it to whomever you want to make hungry at the moment.

If you happen to be in Singapore, you might be aware that Makisan is a sushi spot that serves its rolls in boxes that bear the patterns you can select for these simple little videos, but looking at the Roll With Makisan, you’d have no idea that it was attached to an actual food place. A botched promotional link-back? Perhaps. But since delivery from Singapore to Brooklyn would probably take more than an hour, we’ll just make another virtual Makisan.

Here’s one we made for you.