Make A Fool Of Yourself In The Name Of Gaming With Recurse [iPad]

<p>Fling yourself around to score points in this motion-controlled iPad game.</p>

Flailing your arms around in the air to play video games shouldn’t just be confined to consoles (or artworks, for that matter). It’s unfair that people with iPads don’t get to look stupid waving their arms around while the family pet looks on with disdain. Balancing out this inequality is Matt Parker with his freshly launched iPad game Recurse. It uses the front-facing camera on your iPad and your body to play.

Your distorted image is mirrored on the iPad’s screen while surrounded by green and red blocks. The object is to avoid the red blocks and move your body as much as possible while in the green ones, flailing your arms and hands about, scoring points as you do.

And, if your movements are suitably amazing, your image will be saved along with your high score so your efforts can live on for others to mock. It has three modes: shuffle, slide, and survival. It’s probably not one to play on a packed train car, but there’s no reason why you can’t embarrass yourself down in the park.