MAD Architects Think Outside The Box With These Curvaceous, Organic-Looking Skyscrapers

<p>Nicknamed Marilyn Monroe, Ma Yansong&#8217;s Absolute Towers rise above the city of Mississauga.</p>

MAD architects recently completed these curved towers in Mississauga, Canada which have been six years in the making. Called Absolute Towers, they stand 170 and 150 meters tall, twisting as they rise with balconies that wrap around the outside.

Rather than designing a box-shaped skyscraper, Ma Yansong instead created a more organic, sculptural structure for these high-rise apartments. They shift and warp as they tower above the surrounding city, displaying a more natural form and breaking from the standard, more formal towers that are commonplace in cities across the world.

Here’s what MAD architects say about the design:

Despite its landmark status, the emphasis is not solely on height. Our design features a continuous balcony that surrounds the whole building, eliminating the vertical barriers traditionally used in high rise architecture. The entire building rotates by different degrees at different levels, corresponding with the surrounding scenery. Our aim is to provide 360 degree views for each residential unit, and to get city dwellers in touch with the natural elements and reawaken their appreciation of nature.

Images: © Iwan Baan