[Video] Machina's MIDI Jacket Turns Dance Moves Into Sound, And You Can Win One Here

Watch our new documentary on Machina's awesome music wearable, and enter to win their Hoodie With Speakers.

Here at The Creators Project, we've covered a variety of amazing projects that turn dance movements into visuals, but few that transform motion into sound. Today, however, we're premiering a documentary on Machina, a Mexico City-based design firm that's created the MIDI Jacket—a wearable device that, as the name implies, translates movement into MIDI musicCheck out our documentary about these forward-thinking creators, above, and continue reading to learn about how you can win your very own electronic hoodie, courtesy of Machina and The Creators Project.

"Clothing is the perfect vehicle to carry any sort of technology," said Antonio Machina, the spectacularly-named creative director of the company. "The object, though, was to design a clothing brand people could buy, but feel as if they're buying an electronic gadget."  

The MIDI Jacket occupies an ideal vertex between tech gizmo and practical outerwear: sleek and streamlined, it houses six sensors that produce kinetic and positional data that can be manipulated on a computer. The left sleeve includes an altimeter—an instrument that measures the distance between your hand and the ground—and a magnetometer, a compass-like sensor that tells the machine if your hand is pointing north, south, east, or west. It also has a gyroscope and an accelerometer, which allow the speed of your motions to be easily translated into pitch frequencies. 

In our documentary, artist Stephany Jeanaina explained, "As a dancer, you always wonder, 'What sound do your moves create?'" Not only does Machina's jacket answer that, it actually turns motion into music, making all of your movements feel textured and important. 

In our documentary, one artist explained, "As a dancer, you always wonder what sound do your moves create?" Not only does Machina's jacket answer that, but it allows you to turn your motions into music. It offers every inch you budge a bit more texture, and a lot more sensory input. 

In support of the awesome tech group, The Creators Project is giving away one "Hoodie With Speakers," a Machina-designed jacket with headphones seamlessly integrated into the hood's construction. For a chance to win, follow the three easy steps on our contest page here

And for more on Machina, visit: www.machina.cc


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