Lumpens and DJ Soulscape Team Up On 3D Projection Mapping

<p>Two South Korean superstars bring a Korean legend to life on the National Assembly Building in Seoul.</p>

??? ???? ??? ? "The dome of legend opens" projection mapping artwork from lumpens on Vimeo.

We’ve seen dozens of projection mapping projects to date, but none quite like this one from Lumpens with sound design by DJ Soulscape. While most projection mapping projects seem to focus on using the illusory light technique to manipulate our perception of space, seemingly altering and mutating the structure on which it is being projected, this project from Lumpens treats the structure like just another blank canvas for his visuals. Sure, Lumpens works within the parameters of the building, bending columns and moving the windows around like a stack of loose bricks, but he also creates a whole other world on the surface of the National Assembly Building in Seoul, sending the viewers through space and into a futuristic almost Tron-like world of robots, clanking machinery gears and neon lasers.

Part of the reason for this fantastical approach to projection mapping is that Lumpens is using the technique as a means of bringing to life a Korean legend based on an iconic cartoon character. One of the most popular national heroes in South Korea is Robot Taekwon V, the main character from a popular animated film of the same name that became a mega-hit in the 1970s. Since then, Robot Taekwon V has become a national symbol for justice and protection, so much so that his legacy has spawned an urban legend: If the country is in danger, the robot will emerge from the dome of the National Assembly Building (South Korea’s government building) to protect the people.

With the help of projection mapping visuals, Lumpens and DJ Soulscape bring this national myth to life, creating more than just an impressive lights spectacular, but a veritable cinematic experience on the surface of a national landmark.