Lose Yourself In The Lush Sci-Fi Landscapes Of Gatekeeper's Exo Video Game

<p>Artist Tabor Robak creates a striking visual experience to coincide with Gatekeeper&#8217;s latest album.</p>

In case you haven’t noticed, the music video is played out. Today’s musicians are experimenting with all kinds of new formats allowing them to create unique visual worlds and stories designed to plunge fans into an immersive listening experience. The traditional vessel for delivering your favorite tunes has evolved to include iPad apps, interactive film experiences, and video games, including this latest one for Gatekeeper’s Exo from Brooklyn-based artist Tabor Robak.

Last month, our sister site Noisey interviewed Gatekeeper about the record and their decision to build a game for it. “For us, Exo, has always been this environment or planet or territory,” the guys behind Gatekeeper, Aaron David Ross and Matthew Arkell, told Noisey. Today, we finally get a peek at what these fantastical planets look like, each track rendered as a distinct virtual world through the eyes of Robak.

We’ll have an in-depth look at how Robak created these worlds tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out some stills from the game below and go download and play it here.

Images courtesy Tabor Robak/Gatekeeper.