New York: Lose Yourself At RINSED’s Anti-Fashion Week Party

Play your cards right at “Disruptive Patterns.”

This Friday, the notoriously “non-traditional” series of parties, RINSED, are throwing their next warehouse clusterfunk of interactive art, electronic music and anti-fashion, titled “Disruptive Patterns.” RINSED parties have been happening every month since 2010, all meticulously themed and curated based around an art installation. Since it’s inception, RINSED promoters have been seen scattering invitations around New York in a manner more akin to a calling card than an invite. For their “Chemical Bank” that put it’s attendees into a makeshift chemical factory in Bushwick, the invites took form of test tubes, for “Lather”, it was bars of soap that instructed partygoers to line up at The Wick, and the amphibious and now notorious “Coke Yacht” yielded coke bags filled with typewritten poems.

For “Disruptive Patterns”, New York turned into The Joker’s Gotham, and playing cards with the party’s details have been circulating outside of clubs for the past few weeks. If you haven’t been out in a while, you can see the invite for yourself below:

London-based artist Pearson Sound and New York’s own Anthony Parasole are DJing this month’s event, which is coupled with the debut of Vestment, a brand-new fashion label created by Harrison Taylor Johnson, Beth Hynes, and Jonathan Pfeiffer. Vestment will be “curating a visual display tailored specifically to interrupt your thought patterns. They'll debut their premiere collection through a series of performances and disruptive installations. Truly interactive patterns will immerse your body, and you will have an opportunity to physically engage with them,” according to RINSED.  Brooklyn based art collective AV::Mango will be projection mapping the performance live. They've arranged original content for the performance set to music from Pearson Sound's debut LP. You can familiarize yourself with some of their work by checking out AV's original piece unpredictable below:


“There will be sort of an anti-fashion week, fashion show moment but with no pretense and the energy of a warehouse party. There's no runway show and afterparty, the whole thing is a party and we'll disrupt it temporarily for an incredible performance featuring [Vestment’s] collection.” RINSED continues, “Real fashion is for the people, by the people. So for Vestment's launch, we’re only doing the party part, and we're having a straight up rave in a brand new spot out in the fringes of the city,” reads the party’s flyer. “Tickets are flying so scoop one up, unless you're jetting out to have your anus cleansed in a lovely bidet as you make your way to #LFW.”

As the summer draws to a close, RINSED is also slowing their momentum. In an effort to put as much care and detailed effort into their highly conceptual parties, the events will no longer be held monthly, but infrequently according to the time required to curate the optimal experience.

The party will be happening somewhere in Bushwick, but unless you buy a formal invite, the location will be undisclosed. Happy hunting.


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