Long Lost Game Boy Camera Photos Of New York Prove Hi-Res Isn't Always Better

David Friedman's pixellated black and white snapshots paint the portrait of a New York from a former age.

Throwing a wrench into the "higher resolution = better photos" debate, these recently uncovered Game Boy Camera photos show both a long-forgotten side of New York and all the evidence you need to know that with the right eye and the right angles, any camera can capture a beautiful snapshot:

Professional shutterbug David Friedman offered his argument via his blog, Ironic Sans. According to Friedman, "Back in 2000, I was playing around with a Game Boy Camera, trying to use it to take color photos. [...] When I first got the camera, I took a walk through midtown taking pictures. I just came across the images and thought I’d share them here for posterity (scaled up to 200% for visibility on our fancy modern displays)."

The images below present a New York of an earlier time. Gone are the iPod headphones, electronic train trackers, and most of Brooklyn's current wave of residents, replaced instead with the oddly serene aura of greyscale, pixellation, and attached memories of one of Game Boy's long lost (but still beloved) apps. 

Check out Ironic Sans for more from David Friedman, and, if you really want to feel old, this original Game Boy Camera TV spot


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