Literally Anyone Can Make A Song On The Drum Machine

<p>An oversized, six-person, collaborative button box looks like a whole lot of fun.</p>

Back before the advent of microtechnology, if you asked a kid to imagine what a “drum machine” would look like, he or she would describe something big, with lots of levers and buttons—something you and your friends can play with all at once and be as crazy as you want and a cool song will come out the other end.

The makers of The Drum Machine took that childlike sentiment regarding music-making and turned it into a very real machine of wonderment. Any group of people, no matter how young (or drunk), can play on the pads or keys, and the machine’s Ableton Live-powered brain will quantize the sequences, ensuring that what’s being made can be considered music. Four stations have drum pads, and two have MIDI keyboards, with lots of fun little interactive bells and whistles all over the place.

The Drum Machine opened at Glastonbury last year, and they’ve finally encapsulated the experience in a video that conveys how much fun this thing is. Watch as concertgoers yank levers and pound pads to their hearts delight, unable to ruin the beat even if they tried.

For 2012, the crew behind The Drum Machine has made some tweaks and plans to parade their fun box all over the place. No solid dates have yet been announced, but check back with their Facebook page to know what’s up.

[via @HeyGreenie]