Listen And Download Rashaad Newsome's Swag The Mix Tape

<p>The soundtrack to his current New York solo show.</p>

We all love a mixtape—even if they physically stopped being cassette tapes a while back, the analogue legacy lives on in name. Recently we posted about Rashaad Newsome‘s current solo show Herald in New York, featuring collages that merge culture both high and low. In that same post we mentioned that he’d composed a soundtrack for the show in the form of a mixtape that was a nod to early hip-hop’s lo-fi distribution methods.

Swag The Mix Tape is five songs in length and produced by Newsome in collaboration with artists like Stefanos Koroneos, Kevin Jourdan Zion Prodigy, Laurie Anderson, Maluca Mala and a bunch of others. It’s a mix of baritone voices, flighty flutes, down tempo rumblings, dark electro bass warblings, warped techno, and violins—perfect fodder for a mid-morning/afternoon’s ear snack.