Liquid Skies: A Short Film With An Amon Tobin Soundtrack

<p>A sci-fi animation scored brilliantly by one of the world’s most prolific electronic musicians.</p>

"Play it on high volume," suggests the Los Angeles-based designer Annis Naeem in the description for his video, Liquid Skies. That's because the soundtrack for this science fiction mini-epic was written by Rio de Janeiro-based Creator Amon Tobin, whose music has proved a creative wellspring for filmmakers from all over the world.

The heavily electronic score matches perfectly with the story of Annis' first animated feature, made while taking classes at the Art Center College of Design. An astronaut embarks on a journey across the universe, passing unknown planets while "fighting battles we may all face ourselves one day." The video is part of the artist's first sketches for a larger project to be released next year.The short is set to “Two Fingers – Fool’s Rhythm,” off Tobin's latest album, ISAM, which is ripe for visual interpretation, as is demonstrated in the mind-warping mix of psychedelia and science fiction in the tour's traveling VFX show.

Check out Liquid Skies, and if you dig the tunes, make sure to check out our mini documentary where Tobin explains the strong relationship between his music and the images in the project, carried out with several prominent visual artists.