Line Of Slightly Sinister Glowing Cubes Reacts To Visitors and The Surroundings

<p>Kollison&#8217;s <i>Spine</i> sways gently while emitting an air of machine menace.</p>

SPINE from Kollision on Vimeo.

A succession of square, hanging lamps that react to visitors and the surroundings are the basis for this interactive installation from Danish designers Kollision. Called Spine, it features 20 cubes which glow and sway and are controlled by motors, along with a reactive soundtrack so it becomes “one coherent expression in dialogue with the surroundings.”

At fifty meters long, it looks like a strange lifeform, unsettlingly rocking back and forth as it sizes up people walking by. And Kollison say it can be “moody, sometimes shy, and avoidant, at other times more curious and almost aggressive.” Which is a little bit menacing.

It was created for the Media Architecture Biennale 2012 and watching a short clip of it in the video above, as it glows on and off, gently moving, its somehow reminiscent of the malfunctioning AI HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey—creating a slightly sinister atmosphere as it exerts and displays its rudimentary machine intelligence.

Photos: Kollision