Light Painting With Unusual Objects

<p>A Shanghai-based creative agency and artist collective team up to light paint the streets of Shanghai with an unusual light implement.</p>

Usually we try to steer clear of featuring advertising promotions, but this light painting collaboration between Chinese creative agency NeochaEDGE, Absolut Vodka, and artists from the Edge Creative Collective (ECC) seemed too good to pass up. Refraining from using trendy iPad or smartphone applications, the team decided to go more lo-fi and experimental by rigging empty limited-edition Absolut “Glimmer” bottles into gigantic light torches.

Tapping into all aspects of creative resources, local street artists Hurricane and Tin.g took to the streets of Shanghai, painting Chinese characters, the promotion’s title: “Make the present exceptional,” and even augmenting the space around their fellow collaborators.

EEC photographer Yocky Zhang captured the actualized graffiti using a camera on a long exposure setting, and EEC videographer Jess Zou documented the video capturing the process behind this project as seen above. Original music for the video was scored by indie/electronica musician LIman.

For us, the most interesting thing to come out of this collaboration is the video documentation, showing the construction of the Absolut “light brushes” and the artists at work out on the streets of Shanghai. If you’re keen to try your own hand at this lo-fi light painting technique, here’s a how-to to get you started.