"Light From Light" Illuminates The Relationship Between Light And Art

<p>&#8220;Light from Light&#8221; is a multimedia art project that&#8217;s touring the world&#8217;s libraries.</p>

We’ve often thought of light as a crucial component of art—and now that element is the main source of inspiration for a traveling multimedia project called “Light from Light”. The project, which the State Library of Queensland started last October, has only been exhibited in libraries, touring through several locations in China, and now arriving at Hangzhou Library for its last stop. All the works are constructed from different light sources and displayed around the libraries’ book collections, showing the medium’s artistic potential in different dimensions and spaces.

Light from Light, by Australian artists Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley, is a solar-powered sculpture located in the library’s central courtyard.

The Thief of Light series by Eugene Carchesio contains four hand-bound books, which have been translated into Chinese and are displayed electronically to contrast with Carchesio's decidedly analog and unpretentious ways.

Private Reading Lamp by Lin Tianmao is a conceptual work about private space. The artist has pitched a tent for people to hide their actions from public eyes. The work is displayed on a window, and as sunlight shines through the glass, the light distortion conveys an illusion of thousands of suns.

Making Thousands of Suns, 2010

Hong Kong artist Pak Sheung Chuen created a collage using sun images collected from Queensland Library. As the radiant sun seeps through the window, the work metaphorically creates thousands of suns from one sun.

Image Courtesy of MAAP