Li Hui Lights Up The Netherlands

<p>Li Hui&#8217;s evocative light installations get their first solo European exhibition.</p>

In his first solo European exhibition, Creator Li Hui brings his mystical light installations to the Kunstlicht in de Kunst (Artificial Light in Art) museum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The exhibition, entitled “Who’s Afraid of Red, Amber and Green?” (a nod to abstract expressionist painter Barnett Newman’s series Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?) features five of Hui’s evocative light sculptures, including Amber, the green Cage and the red Reincarnation. Hui, who lives and works in Beijing, is a contemporary Chinese artist who treads a delicate line between tradition and the avant-garde. On the one hand, his work is a clear departure from established Chinese aesthetics and forms, yet his subject matter, steeped as it is in religious and philosophical exploration, is very much in line with his artistic forebears.

The exhibition is on view until October 24th, 2010 in case you should happen to find yourself in Eindhoven in the next few months.

[via designboom]