Less Is More In This New Work From AntiVJ's Romain Tardy

<p>Modular mapping in black and white makes for a stylish, hypnotic audiovisual installation.</p>

With some audiovisual installations, less is more. And such is the case with chapter one of the collaborative artwork Pieces from musician Squeaky Lobster and Romain Tardy, a member of AntiVJ. In the first incarnation of this “versatile installation”,Battleships, a grid lights up with black and white mapped projections.

There’s no fancy colors here, just a marrying of minimalist form and funky, encompassing beats along with a lesson in the effect that can be achieved with two contrasting colors and some expert mapping.

Tardy told the MadMapper website that the project is a work in progress with another four in the works, "the structure will change for each new step, but will be built with the same square modules. Each step will be shown only a couple of times to keep this idea of a "versatile" project (sounds a bit strange in French—as it may sound in English as well—but I like the idea of an ‘unstable’ shape/structure)."

We can dig it.

[via The Gallery]