Lee Woo Recycles Computers To Reincarnate Hermaphroditic Cyborgs

<p>Hybrids of human and animal, these sculptures imagine a new understanding of the technological body.</p>

The Sea

In his cyborg sculpture series Boundless Body, mixed media artist Lee Woo broaches a recurring topic in art today—the influence of technology on the body and its effects on how we relate to our environment. Observing the crisis of identity in the virtual world, the artist imagines mechanical modifications on human-like forms comprised of recycled computer parts.

Below, Centauros is a multi-limbed part-human, part-animal cyber creature brought to life through its video interface. Much like the virtual avatars we use online today—anything from K-POP fantasy gaming to our beloved Facebook profiles—Lee Woo explores the evolution of the technological body.

The artist explains, "This sort of evolution, as it evokes biological mutations from a phenomenon of interbreeding that erases the distinction between human and animal, foresees new forms of life- born from the hybridization of gender and species- as a natural thing in this future's cyborg society."





Is the artist predicting a future of hermaphroditic Terminators? Maybe not quite, but who knows? In the mean time, Lee Woo's "boundless bodies" entertain mythical ideas that intersect the conventions of biology, nature, and technology.

[Photos: neolook]