Lance Bangs Premieres "The Lazarus Effect" Tonight

<p>You just need <span class="caps">HBO</span>, a friend with <span class="caps">HBO</span>, or the internet.</p>

Tonight, our longtime friend Lance Bangs will release a new documentary on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Recently Lance followed a large group of Africans who have been the beneficiaries of anti-retroviral meds and helps to explain how groups like RED are working to decimate what have amounted to some of the most abysmal death rates on the planet. It’s an important piece, and the team behind it is launching a full-scale multimedia assault to make sure it’s noticed.

The premiere is tonight at 9PM EDT on HBO, to be followed by a Channel 4 premiere in the UK at 11PM GMT, and then finally a post to YouTube, an iPad app, and a launch across social media for all to see and take viral. It really is a fascinating campaign. Make sure to catch it, and to also look for our own Lance-related projects here in the future. He’s been working along with Spike Jonze (who also executive produced The Lazarus Effect) on a documentary related to the filmmaking process. We’ll give you early and ample warning when that’s on the horizon.