Kim Jong-Il Dropping the Bass: The Unreleased Photo Album

<p>The Pictures We Couldn&#8217;t Show You (Until Now&#8230;)</p>

In the wake of recent events, a stock of unreleased backstage photos have emerged from some of the world’s premiere events of the electronic music-o-sphere.

Apparently there’s a real reason that once in awhile a special DJ drops serious BOMBS: Backup assistance from the dexterous fingers of the (late) individual who could more often be found manning the controls of a particular axis of evil. He goes by the DJ name “Supreme Leader….” and he’s a biiiig fan of his Hennessey—

Ladies and gentlemen, a few choice selections from the best Tumblr of the past two days…

Kim Jong-il Dropping the Bass

Kim Jong-Il with Justice. “This Guy…”

Cueing up at Busy P’s B-day

Smashing a crowd of 100K with Tiësto

At Skrillex: “I got this next one, bro…”

With David Guetta. F**k ‘em, they’re famous.

And Finally, the (late) Original Member of Daft Punk

Too soon? Never.