Kele Still Has Everything You Want

<p>The former Bloc Party man returns to his rueful roots in new video.</p>

Whilst Bloc Party are mostly remembered for the pulsating indie floor fillers of Silent Alarm such as “Banquet” and “Helicopter,” the truth is that much of their music which captured the hearts of the indie world consisted of alluringly melancholic, shoe gazing poetry wrapped around elegant, yet downbeat guitar melodies. Whilst the guitars may have disappeared with the rest of the band, the despondent lyricism and ambiance of Kele's previous work is still present on his new album, The Boxer, and none more so than in his second single “Everything You Wanted”.

The brand new video features a bulky yet dejected Kele crying his way around the streets of New York, reminding us in the process of his innate ability to write infectiously catchy vocal hooks, only this time wrapped in synths rather than guitars. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can also catch the footage of Kele's performance, along with a brief interview, at our London event on July 17th.