Energy Field Is A 59-Foot Tall LED Rice Field

<p>An immersive reactive lightspace of wonder at the World Expo 2012.</p>

Kevin Holmes

Energy Field - World Expo Korea 2012 from Multitouch Berlin on Vimeo.

Ever wondered what an LED rice field might look like? It might look something like the installation Energy Field from Tamschick Media+Space, Atelier Brückner, and Multitouch Berlin which is a responsive light installation programmed in VVVV. It also claims to be the "World’s Biggest Walkable 3D Matrix Display.’

It was shown at the World Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea at the GS Caltex pavilion. These fibre blades are 59ft (18 meters) tall and “sway like grass in the wind”. As you walk amongst these towering digital bamboo you can reach out and touch them, which brings them pulsating to life as waves of illumination ripple through the art work.