Kanye's Newest Music Video Is An Elaborate Video Collage

<p>Kanye teams up with video artist Marco Brambilla on &#8220;Power.&#8221;</p>

Last night, after we finished watching the latest trainwreck of an episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore, we witnessed the premier of “Power,” the most incredible music video we’ve seen in quite sometime from Kanye West (above). But “music video” isn’t exactly the right term here. “Power” is more akin to a moving painting—an elaborate video collage consisting of more than 22 different layers, meticulously stitched together on top of a photograph of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel fresco. This stunning pop-culture mash-up of Michelangelo’s masterpiece was created by video artist Marco Brambilla, who, among his many accomplishments, also directed Demolition Man.

If you think that’s impressive, you should see the work Brambilla did for The Standard Hotel in NYC. Culled from thousands of found video clips collected from the Internet, movies and television, Brambilla’s piece Civilization is an intricate and complex artistic interpretation of the heaven, hell and purgatory depicted in Dante’s Inferno. That monumental work had an incomprehensible 350 layers to it! It’s safe to say that Brambilla is pushing video production to the limits with his innovative, experimental works.

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