Just A Few Of The Insane Stunts You'll Pull With A Water-Powered Aerial Bike

<p>Jetovator can launch you 30ft into the air at 25mph for thrills and pant-staining.</p>

If we’re talking fun, this contraption looks like it would have the ability to leave most people as giddy as a five-year-old on a bouncy castle. After the initial fear has been conquered, that is. It’s called the Jetovator and bills itself as a water-powered stunt bike that will have you riding at heights of 30 feet while travelling up to 25mph. You can also go underwater, diving down ten feet so you can freak out the marine life. And for the brave, you can pull off aerial tricks to show how rad you are.

This bike/flying boat hybrid, which combines the “sleek body of a racing motorcycle with the aerial capabilities of a fighter aircraft,” is powered by attaching it to a water craft and has intuitive controls, so first timers won’t end up being pulled along with their face skimming the water and their foot trapped in the hose.

It looks dangerous and fun… and it’s pricey. And at $ 8,975 for the basic kit, it’s definitely not cheap.

[via PSFK]