15-Story Immigrant Mural Takes Over Philadelphia

Artist JR's larger-than-life portrait overlooks Pakistani immigrant Ibrahim Shaw's food truck.

Beckett Mufson

Beckett Mufson

Images courtesy Steve Weinik

Artist and activist JR has taken his national public art series Migrants, which highlights the faces and stories of US immigrants, to the Philadelphia skyline. Migrants, Ibrahim, Mingora-Philadelphia is a 15-story portrait of Philadelphia resident Ibrahim Shaw on the side of a skyscraper, pasted in the same style as JR's murals for Stephen Colbert's final week on The Colbert Report, on Ellis Island, and for The New York Times Magazine's April cover. Shaw immigrated to the US from Pakistan, and now works at a food truck near Dilworth Park, which his massive portrait now overlooks.

Migrants, Ibrahim, Mingora-Philadelphia was created in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program's Open Source project. See it in action in the images below:

See more of JR's work on his website.


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