AR Occupy Wall Street: The Augmented Reality Sit-In

<p>Fight the power. Virtually.</p>

Nov 8 2011, 5:02pm

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been gaining ground around the globe for months, and has similarly set up outposts in the digital sphere. Firstly, in the form of internet provocateurs F.A.T. Lab’s Occupy the Internet, a project where a gif army jostles its merry way across any website you want, provided you have access to the index.html (it also saw these brave animations inhabiting the murky cyber-depths of 4chan’s /b/ image board).

But it isn’t just cyberspace that has the pleasure of hosting the outcries of the discontent. The 99% can now project their dissatisfaction through the looking glass with AR Occupy Wall Street. It had to happen eventually. Unable to get the protest close to the New York Stock Exchange in the physical world, the virtual realm of augmented reality created a forum for protest outside The Man’s capitalist engine room. Hey, it worked at MoMA. So, this Saturday, 12th November at 4pm you can show your frustration at the fat cats by projecting slogans onto the NYSE in a separate reality from the one the bankers inhabit.

The project is the brainchild of artist Mark Skwarek, founder of Manifest.AR, who previously tried to unite North and South Korea via the medium of augmented space.

Augmented reality, the new battle ground for demonstration, protest and resistance. Possibly.