Journey Into The Audiovisual Hinterlands With Masako Tanaka And Oval

<p>Anarchic visuals accompany the glitch music of Markus Popp for some digital dissolution.</p>

The (dis)order of the day is chaotic patterns glitching before your eyes with these 10-channel audiovisual installations from a collaboration between Tokyo-born visual artist Masako Tanaka and musician Markus Popp (aka Oval). The duo created them for Recombinant Media LabsCineChamber, a ten-screen panoramic AV performance space with multi-channel audio.

The videos crackle and fizz with fragmented forms swarming before your eyes, the images flicker and swell as a visual embodiment to Oval’s audio experiments. You can imagine this is what it might be like as your body transmutes from the physical to the virtual, like in The Matrix or Tron.

Tanaka explains her discordant visuals below:

Halveplane, Flam and Sol are visual representations of Markus Popp's Ovalcommers early 2000's period delving to visually simulate the fragmentary and densely layered sound blasts with irregular textured and complex percussive elements; as the listeners perceive Oval's intricate integration of processed audible electrical glitches and tonal instrumental sources with their eyes.

You can watch Halveplane above and the other two below. But careful not to have a seizure while you do.