Journey Across Five Continents At 1000 mph In Chemin Vert

<p>Giacomo Miceli turns the panoramic images from Google Street View into a spherical trip across the world.</p>

If you’ve had the itch to go travelling but never had the money to scratch it, then maybe this virtual journey across five continents of earth, and spanning four seasons, will satisfy you. The video Chemin Vert, for electronic musician A Ghost Train’s track “Chemin Vert,” is the work of Giacomo Miceli and was created using Google Street View.

Building upon the Stereographic Streetview project from artist Ryan Alexander, Miceli took the panoramic frames found in Street View and mapped them as stereographic projections, taking viewers on a high-speed journey across the tree-lined streets and roads of the world. Vert says the speed is around 1500 km/h (1000 mph) and the reason for such a fast Superman-type trip, is that Vert is living out a childhood fantasy of wanting to fly on top of a rocket that’s travelling down a long road.

The video is part of a bigger project that’s taken place over the last few years and there is an immersive version of the video online at a higher resolution, which you can check out if your computer can take it. Ideally, Vert says, he’d like to turn the piece into an installation using full dome projection.

[via This Is Colossal]