Jayson Haebich's Interactive Laser Sculpture Lets You Manipulate Light With Your Hands

<p>Ever wanted to touch and feel light? This prototype allows you to do just that.</p>

I’m sure you’ve all played with laser pens before, shone them into your hands hoping that something would happen other than just your hands glowing a different colour. Well this protoype by Melbourne-based new media artist Jayson Haebich might just make that possible.

The project is an interactive light sculpture. It projects lasers into a space and allows you to interact through touch and movement using our good old friend the Kinect. The outcome is a beautifully futuristic spectacle with light at its core.

It’s made with openFrameworks and C++ and uses the Kinect to scan the space and capture the points where the light beam has been broken by the viewer. Its these points of interaction that allow you to effect the colour and move the light around, giving you the sensation of touching the light and manipulating it like some kind of sun-god.

[via Create Digital Motion]