Jamie xx, Caribou, And Four Tet Rock A Psychedelically-Transformed Grand Palais

<p>The last night of Monumenta was, well, monumental.</p>

Last night at the Grand Palais, various forces in art and music came together to bring forth a visually and sonically stunning event—the culmination of Monumenta 2012, and a major highlight of The Creators Project: Paris 2012.

Following the success of Richie Hawtin and Anish Kapoor’s performance in the same space last year, we partnered with We Love Art once again to up the ante on that earth-shattering show. This time around, there were even more elements at play.

Against the backdrop of contemporary artist Daniel Buren's colorful, glass disk installation, Four Tet, Caribou, and Jamie xx performed back-to-back-to-back DJ sets. As if that wasn’t scintillating enough, the entire spectacle was graced with visuals by 1024 architecture which reacted to the music in real time.

Check out this momentary wonderland in the killer photos below.

BAL BLANC, Soirée de clôture Monumenta 2012 – Daniel Buren, Paris. Daniel Buren, « Excentrique(s), travail in situ », 2012, 380 000 m3. Détail. © Daniel Buren, ADAGP, Paris. Photos: Pierre Emmanuel Rastoin