Welcome to the Anthropocene Charts 250 Years Of Humanity's Impact On Planet Earth

<p>This infographic shows 250 years of man being the top dog.</p>

Human beings have been impacting the Earth for quite a long while now, building infrastructure and expanding across the globe, the march of progress and all that. Using modern visualization techniques, the impact humanity’s had on the planet has been turned into the three minute film above, called Welcome to the Anthropocene. It was commissioned by the Planet Under Pressure conference and uses data from a number of sources—like the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme and NASA—to chart our all-conquering take over of the planet, starting from the Industrial Revolution to the present.

Some 250 years ago, when the the Industrial Revolution took hold across the world, it brought with it railways and eventually cars. And then, BOOM! In the 1950s, globalization reared its head and cities became larger and more populated, and the planet journeyed onwards until it arrived at what is being referred to as “the age of anthropocene,” a geologic period dominated by us.

Welcome to the Anthropocene aims to alert us to this fact, and it’s a stunning and sobering piece of filmmaking. Check out the HD stills below and Anthropocene.info to learn more. Then go stick that can of Coke in the office recycle bin and try to feel a little better about it all.