It's Glitched Out Rabbit Hunting Season In Liars' New Animated Video For "Brats"

<p>The second single off of <i><span class="caps">WIXIW</span></i> gets a cartoonishly violent treatment from animator Ian Cheng.</p>

We recently spoke with Liars about their new album WIXIW, a foray into the deep, dark world of electronic music, which is arguably deeper and darker ever since Liars paid it a visit. Having delved into the composition of their new sound so deeply, it’s awesome to see the visual take on one of WIXIW’s songs by animator Ian Cheng, who applied the style of half-ripe, video game-like human forms from his previous videos, like This Papaya Tastes Perfect. See if you can pick out the mangled forms of the three Liars members as they witness amalgamations of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd battling it out.

All the trickery and hunting hijinks of the classic cartoon are present, but the figures are engaged in a constant, jittery dance to the song “Brats.” The band members seem traumatized by what they’re witnessing, appearing to console each other of the dramatic cat-and-mouse game (to reference another cartoon legacy) between hunter and hunted. It’s something for music, cartoon, and hunting fans alike.