Tron Meets 2001: A Space Odyssey In This Amazing Video Of Startrails From The ISS

<p>Filmmaker Christoph Malin has animated NASA&#8217;s long exposure photos to create cosmic awesomeness.</p>

ISS Startrails from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

Remember those epic long exposure startrail photos taken by NASA astronaut Don Petit from the ISS, that made it look like the earth from space was just a VFX from the next Tron movie? Well, they’re back. But this time they’re animated, courtesy of filmmaker Christoph Malin in the video ISS Startrails—so prepare your wow face, because you’re going to need it.

By “stacking” Don Petit’s images together, Malin makes the star trails become a series of consistent movements as they slice across the darkness, streaming over the earth like some kind of sci-fi mashup of Tron and the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Talking about the project, he says:

This video was achieved by “stacking” image sequences provided by NASA from the crew at International Space Station. These stacks create the star trails, but furthermore make interesting patterns visible. For example, lightning corridors within clouds, but they also show occasional satellite tracks (or iridium flashes) as well as meteors—patterns that interrupt the main star trails, and thus are immediately visible.

Go HD, go fullscreen, and pretend you’re traversing those astral plane like a cosmic wonder-being—until it ends and you realize you’re just sitting in the office tripping out.

[via Vimeo]