Three Ships: A.I. Watercraft Of The Future

<p>Architect Filip Kurzewski wants to build an interactive tourist base in the middle of the ocean.</p>

Floating futuristic hotels are not a myth! They’re not actually real just yet either, but instead are floating around in the concept stage waiting for an investor. Three Ships (above), the futuristic structure designed by architect Filip Kurzewski, is three different ships that, a little bit like the Voltron, once placed together create something new and exciting and powerful.

Once the components are locked together, guests can enjoy the makeshift swimming area in the center, go scuba diving, and walk around on the hotel bases, which will offer various cruise ship-style distractions like casinos, film screenings, a ballroom, and all around good times. The scuba diving takes place using something called a “diving capsule” which allows you to head off and explore coral reefs or ship wrecks or plastic debris, depending on where you are.

As well as these leisure activities, the ship will also have a degree of interactivity. Kurzewski’s website says that each ship will be a “personification of one of the ideals of Oceania and it has a possibility of simulation of its own ‘voice’ and ‘thoughts,’ and also has the knowledge of the underwater land and also its own knowledge which it conveys.” So, a bit like HAL but hopefully without the psychosis, this A.I. presence will inform and educate the guests, telling them about the area and warning of natural calamities to avoid.

The concept drawings may look like something from the pen of Syd Mead, but if those sea levels rise then maybe we’ll all be living on structures like this, which would go a tiny way to compensating for the destruction of the earth.


[via PSFK]