The V Motion Project Kinect-Hack Turns Your Body Into A Sci-Fi-Looking Music Mixer

<p>Kinect and projection mapping team up to make wobbly dubstep beats a visual spectacle.</p>

From David Rokeby‘s A Very Nervous System to the DIY Kinect hacks, we’ve all seen artists and technologists create instruments that translate the body’s movements into music. But The V Motion Project from Assembly feels like the next step. The performer uses his arms and body to move harsh, Skrillex-sounding dubstep wobbles into musical pleasure via the Kinect.

It all adds up to a jaw-dropping performance that marries projection mapping with a Kinect-hack, resulting in a body-controlled musical interface. The whole process is documented here, explaining how they used modified software to allow a musician to control Ableton Live by flailing their arms and legs about.

What we really like about this is the responsiveness of the interaction, you can clearly see how his movements affect the sound. And the levels of interaction are much more complex than previous examples, so there are more ways the performer can manipulate the music.

With the recent hype of live electronic music and its trouble in finding ways to achieve a real live performance, maybe it won’t be long before we see this sort of next-level instrument used for real at gigs and clubs. Here’s hoping.

[via Beyond the Beyond]