The Simpsons Get Glitchified

<p>Mmm&#8230; glitch art.</p>

They’re an iconic American television family who have gone through some wild times together, but perhaps never as wild as this. Even when Homer had that chilli trip, it didn’t get this weird. Finally, The Simpsons makes its glitch art debut. Artist JK Keller has used this longest-running American sitcom as the premise for his work Realigning My Thoughts On Jasper Johns. The work turns the beloved show into glitched-out distortion, so this dysfunctional family becomes a dysfunctional audiovisual melting pot.

Keller aptly took as his subject the episode “Mom and Pop Art”, where Homer inadvertently becomes a lauded pop artist after ineffectively putting up a BBQ, turning the episode (which features Jasper Johns) into a mesh of color and imperfection. Talking to Triangulation Blog, Keller said that he was “interested in the incorrect use of default software tools and how they can be used to generate new forms, and the absurdity that results between default digital manipulation and purposeful manual influence.”

The result is a fractured schizoid take on the iconic TV show, with audio and visuals dancing about before your eyes and ears in a TV hinterland caught between the reality of the yellow animated forms we know so well, and a sea of digital manipulation, turning the show into a disjointed reflection of itself, with colors floating about in an abstract buzz. It’s pretty wild, you can check out the intro above and over on the Fach & Asendorf Gallery there’s also a 9 screen version of the ongoing project, with adjustable audio and visuals—just in case this wasn’t messed up enough.