The Convenient Typer Challenges The Meaning of "Convenient"

<p>Artist Max Lupo&#8217;s invention is the only typewriter you&#8217;ll ever need, figuratively speaking.</p>

When he’s not busy painting pieces of fine art, Canadian artist Max Lupo makes gadgets that are useless in function, yet highly useful for putting the concept of functionality into perspective. His most recent creation is ironically titled The Convenient Typer. By making a few adjustments to an old school typewriter and adding a few external mechanical parts, Lupo has created a typing machine that requires three people to operate it and can only type a single statement consisting of four letters and spaces; “It is as it is.” Truer words were never spoken, about a severely limited typewriter or anything else.

The plastic components of The Convenient Typer were created using a 3D printer. That’s all the blue pieces in the images.

This is the second of Lupo’s deliciously paradoxic inventions. The first was The Automatic Affirmation Device, dubbed a “personal confidence booster” by the artist. You can ask this little button box absolutely anything and it will always respond with a resounding “YES!” Will I get that job? YES! Do I deserve a cookie? YES! Am I intrinsically a good person? YES!

There’s nothing you can ask The Automatic Affirmation Device that it won’t say yes to. But be warned. Depending on your personality, you could end up in a very dark place if you ask it the wrong questions.

Here’s hoping Max Lupo has a bright future in the R&D department at Cinco.