Synesthetic Is A Colorful Trip That Vibes To The Beat Of Your Own Music

<p>Alex Dantis&#8217; new game for iPhone and iPad allows you to experience your favorite jams like never before.</p>

Grab your headphones and prepare to put off whatever work you had for another six hours. Synesthetic, the new game by Alex Dantis, is an interactive audio-visualizer reminiscent of PC music games such as Audiosurf and Proun. The name comes from the concept of synesthesia, a neurological process in which the stimulation of one sense, such as hearing, automatically stimulates another sense, such as sight.

The game syncs with your personal music library on your iPhone or iPad, using the beats and frequencies of each song to generate new levels with different obstacles. In more technical terms, Synesthetic is a game with procedurally-generated levels, meaning that your gaming experience is only limited by the number of songs you have. Gameplay involves tilting your device or tapping the screen to try to avoid any geometric obstruction that pops up as you fly down the rainbow road of sound. With several other features, including three game modes per song, retina display support for the iPad 3, and multiple color schemes, this app is sure to supply gamers and music lovers alike with endless entertainment.

You can purchase Synesthetic for $1.99 on iTunes here. And for your first round, might I recommend Hot Chip’s new song, “Look At Where We Are.” Very relaxing.