Starfield Turns The Simple Swing Into An Interactive Stargazing Experience

<p>It&#8217;s like warp drive, but slower.</p>

Starfield from lab212 on Vimeo.

There was a time when, if you wanted a swing you’d set off into the local woods to hang a bit of old rope off a solid looking tree branch so you could swing out over a body of water, have your friends film it, and when that branch snapped and you plunged into the murky depths, you’d have a viral hit on your hands. Ah, for those halcyon, freewheelin’ days!

Now of course, if you want a swing you don’t even need to leave your bedroom. You’ll fashion an indoor installation using a Kinect, a video projector and openFrameworks and you’ll have yourself an interactive starry night sky that looms at you as you glide back and forth on your suspended seat. That’s what lab212 have done with their Starfield installation which, although simple in its execution, looks like lots of fun.

And if you want to crank it up a level, you can wear some anaglyph glasses for an even more immersive experience.