Speed of Light: Using Pocket Projectors To Create The World's Tiniest Police Chase

<p>Directing duo The Theory make a projection mapped film featuring a convict, a cop, a helicopter, and plenty of explosions.</p>

Last year Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp (aka The Theory) made a stop-motion video using Google Street View Address Is Approximate which featured a toy travelling across America to escape his loneliness. It proved pretty popular with the internet and knocked up over three million hits. Now they’ve made a follow up called Speed of Light / aka / The World’s Tiniest Police Chase.

All the action was projected using MicroVision pocket projectors with Tom and Simon even playing starring roles: Tom as convict and Simon as the cop.

Like their previous work, it was filmed without using CGI and, like all good car chases, it features an escaped convict, a relentless cop, and a police helicopter armed to the teeth, as a foot chase gives way to car chase, which gives way to a helicopter and explosions. Some stills from the production are below.