Sound On Intuition Generates Music Through Body Movements

<p>Pieter-Jan Pieters&#8217; thesis project enables people to make music by tapping their finger.</p>

Don’t know anything about playing instruments but still want to make music? No worries, let your body do the hard work for you. That’s basically the idea behind Pieter-Jan Pieters' graduate thesis at the Design Academy Eindhoven. The project lets users make music in an instinctive way by using body movements to create sounds.

The Sound On Intuition project features five different devices that are able to generate sounds from different parts of the body. They are: Wob, Heart, Scan, Kick, and Finger—creating sounds linked to hand movements, heart beat, handwriting, and foot or finger tapping.


The Wob works like a kind of theremin which, thanks to a distance sensor, modulates sounds depending on the proximity of the user’s hand movements.


The Heart looks like a stethoscope and translates heart beats into sounds, synchronizing it with music, as your heart will always try to match the tempo of the beat you’re listening to.


A piezo sensor in the finger tip picks up every time you tap you finger. By bending your finger, a flex sensor changes the sound so every hit will be slightly different.


When the scanner is moved over some drawn dots or lines, the scanner reinterprets this into music.


A piezo sensor picks up every time you tap your foot and translates it into a sound. Tap rhythms, hits, or control different effects with your foot.