Shut Up And Play The Hits Screening At The Creators Project: San Francisco

<p>We&#8217;ll be doing a special preview screening of the <span class="caps">LCD</span> Soundsystem film on Saturday at 3pm.</p>

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have scored a ticket to our Creators Project: San Francisco event at Fort Mason this weekend, we’ve got one more reason for you to get excited. We’ll be presenting a special screening of the newly released film Shut Up And Play The Hits on Saturday at 3pm. The film chronicles the last days and final show of LCD Soundsystem, painting an intimate portrait of frontman James Murphy and band members Pat Mahoney and Nancy Whang, all of whom will close out the day with a dance party-inducing DJ set.

We interviewed the directors, Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace of Pulse Films, back in January, and while excitement around the film has been running high, there have been precious few screenings of it thus far. Ours will be the first time the film screens in San Francisco, but expect it to come to the Bay Area again later this year.

Be sure to arrive early on Saturday to catch this and other special early bird events you won’t want to miss!

1:00 PM: Artist Talk + Conditional Drawing Workshop with Casey Reas
Software artist Casey Reas will present an overview of his Processing-based body of work and lead participants through a conditional drawing workshop exploring the main concepts of drawing with code using pen and paper.

1:30 PM: The Hundred in the Hands
"Dressed In Dresden" was the song that took this duo of Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman to new heights. Now on the Warp Records roster, the band's productions are driving and powerful, with a post-punk sound augmented by electronics. On stage in San Francisco, expect to see Friedman on guitar and Everdell on synthesizer, belting out funky, energetic songs that beg you to dance.

2:45 PM: New Pants + Feng Mengbo's Bruce Lee VJ Project
Beijing's New Pants, a band that enjoys superstar status in China's indie rock scene, found a kindred spirit in new media artist Feng Mengbo, whose distorted Bruce Lee projections fit perfectly with the band's famously quirky live show. The band and the artist showed an installation version at The Creators Project: Beijing in 2011, and they're reuniting to perform the collabora- tive audiovisual experience live today.

3:00 PM: Shut Up And Play The Hits

Check the full schedule of bands, panels, film screenings and more, as well as the list of art installations you’ll find at Fort Mason this weekend. And remember, if you didn’t get a ticket for Saturday, the festival is still open to the public on Sunday. All the art installations will be on view, as well as a full program of film screenings, artist talks and workshops.