SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS Premieres In New York + Episode Two Of Our Exclusive Video Series

<p>The <span class="caps">LCD</span> <span class="caps">SOUNDSYSTEM</span> film is in theaters one night only July 18th. Watch part two of our four-part video series commemorating the band and film.</p>

The members of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM never set out to start a band, explains frontman James Murphy in their new film SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS—they wrote a record. What happened after that—three dance-inducing records and five final sold out shows at Madison Square Garden—is history.

Last night we went to the New York premiere of SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS at the Village East Theater, and the red carpet felt like a reunion of sorts, with appearances by the band, the film's directors Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace and celebs like Anne Hathaway, Nick Zinner, and Aziz Ansari—who's featured in our four-part video series surrounding the film, directed by Lance Bangs.

Oscilloscope Laboratories and Pulse Films' SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS includes footage of the last show, interspersed with Murphy on the fateful morning after, plus an interview by Chuck Klosterman. Catch the film in theaters one night only July 18th.

We interviewed a bunch of the band's friends and fans who shared what it is about LCD that was—and is—so special. The video series commemorates the band and the film, plus all your stories about love, New York, and trying to make it to one of their final shows.

The first episode pays homage to the band's home town NYC, and the second episode, THE HITS, is devoted to (you guessed it) the anthems that make us move. Watch Nick Kroll, Ansari, Reggie Watts, and a group of friends called the Cuddle Party weigh in on the jams that bring them back to a special place or a moment above. Stay tuned for parts three and four, which will be released in the days leading up to the film's release.

If you had to pick, what would be your favorite LCD song? Leave your answer in the comments or tweet it to us with #LCDHITS. For inspiration, watch the video above.

Check out the red carpet shots of the New York premiere last night, and make sure to catch the film at a theater near you on July 18th.

Will Lovelace, Thomas Benski, and Dylan Southern

Anne Hathaway

Aziz Ansari

Charlotte Ronson

John Leguizamo

Kaylee Defer

Zoe Lister-Jones and Daryl Wein

Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion of Cults

Arden Wohl

James Murphy