SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS Is In Theaters TONIGHT Only + Episode Four Of Our Exclusive Video Series

<p>Catch the <span class="caps">LCD</span> <span class="caps">SOUNDSYSTEM</span> film in theaters tonight, July 18th. Plus Aziz Ansari crowd surfs the final show at Madison Square Garden.</p>

In SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS, the LCD SOUNDSYSTEM film from Oscilloscope Laboratories and Pulse Films, there’s a scene where frontman James Murphy is in the office with his former manager and friend Keith Woods the day after their final show. Woods hands Murphy a miniature replica of Madison Square Garden, and tells Murphy that he “sold out,” which he and his band effectively did the night before.

What’s ironic is that no one could really accuse the band of “selling out”—they’ve always been totally and unabashedly themselves, right down to the last performance, as is so aptly captured in SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS.

As major LCD fans and executive producers of the film, we shot an exclusive video series (produced and directed by Lance Bangs) surrounding the movie, which pays testament to the band’s final days and last show at Madison Square Garden. Our fourth and final episode, LCD + MSG, pays homage to the venue and final show itself. As Reggie Watts says, “if you can fill it, you should do it… and LCD totally filled it.”

The vibe was electric. A fan said, “it felt like a bomb went off,” which was probably why Aziz Ansari ended up crowd surfing. Hear how Ansari dodged security and relive the final show in the video above.

Yup, that’s Aziz Ansari being carried by LCD fans over there on the right.

Whether you were there or not, pick up tickets to see SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS in theaters TONIGHT ONLY. For more behind-the-scenes footage with LCD’s fans and friends, watch episode one: LCD + NYC, episode two: THE HITS, and episode three THE SHOWS.

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