Is CGI Software Poised to Kill Photography?

<p>The answer from our sister site Motherboard: It&#8217;s close.</p>

Despite public craving for ridiculous Photoshop failures and public shaming of horrific photographers, the perpetual myth that a fancy-ass camera and technical wizardry is the way to get rich off photos still remains. Outside of the hyper-competitive world of fashion shooters and international photojournalists—and the decidedly un-glamorous world of city news, which finds photogs shooting sidewalk blood stains on an uncomfortably regular basis—the path to working success for a young photographer tends to involve grinding out a thick portfolio of stock images and product shots.

Stock photos may not be super exciting, but they certainly help pay the bills. They're also becoming increasingly easy to replace. Don't believe me? Take a look at the next two images and tell me which one's fake.

Sorry, you're wrong. They're both fake. Photographer Mark Meyer whipped them up with a cheap bit of CGI software, and according to him, it's easy as pie. In an excellent post on his blog, Meyer notes that while photography was long the cheapest way to capture realism, that's changing. Thus, as software becomes increasingly powerful and cheap, photography increasingly looks like a dated technology.

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